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10 Most-Loved Products in June

I’m always getting questions about Ollie’s outfits and where my favorite places are to shop for him so I wanted to put together and share some of his most-worn pieces from over the summer that are budget-friendly and super cute! Most of these pieces are under $50 and I’ll usually order him multiple colors in the ones I love and know he can wear a lot.

Luna is an online luxury website that carries products from over 500 designers. From Prada and Gucci to Saint Laurent, Fendi, and Balenciaga, Luna really has it all. Another huge bonus about Luna is that they’re known for their incredible customer service. Both shipping and returns are fast and easy, with delivery time for the U.S. being anywhere from 3-7 business days. But that doesn’t mean they don’t ship everywhere, because they do! Luna is truly a global designer destination in the online space.

I’ve been carrying this specific tote for a few weeks now, so felt it was time to give you all an honest Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tote review. To cut to the chase, I’m completely in love with it. Not only is the style itself so iconic and chic, but the size of this tote bag is perfection. You can fit so much into this gorgeous, 100% linen bag with no effort. Laptop, notebook, extra charger, plus all your other everyday essentials! The Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tote is the best designer tote bag for work, travel, weekends, and everything in between. It’s also such a statement that you can easily pair it with understated basics like a black tank, white jeans, and black sandals that will make your new tote pop even more!


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